Fraud Prevention Assurance with IR Prognosis Performance Management

If you’re in the business of managing transactions and payments, then you’ll also need a solution that provides effective fraud prevention assurance as a priority.

It’s a well-known fact that the amount of fraudulent activities and the creativity of the perpetrators is on the increase. The number of opportunities for fraud, and the imagination and persistence of people committing these criminal acts can be quite overwhelming.

To give you any chance of staying one step ahead of the sheer number of fraudulent activities today you need to monitor all of your transactions, payments, ATMs and EFTs in real time.

Increased visibility and control of your payments environment gives you the insight you need to meet requirements as they change. You can spot patterns in data to stop problems in their tracks, respond to issues faster, and prevent outages so you can get back to doing what you do best.

Optimal fraud prevention assurance

One of the best ways to do this is to have a performance management solution in place that gives you control over your entire transactions and payments network. This is exactly what Prognosis is designed to do – to give you complete control over your operations, giving you the power to assure the readiness of fraud systems minimize fraud and maximize uptime. With Prognosis you can:

Set up customized alert notifications and optimize your rules

Even the smallest threshold breach will trigger an alarm and you can investigate and fix in place, in real time.
View your entire network in real time
Monitor all payments and transactions, as well as the health of your channels and IT infrastructure. Avoid costly downtime and increase your ability to minimize risk and fraudulent activities.

Receive performance statistics

Get the lowdown on fraud queues, response times, close rates and ratio details for each analyst, enabling you to manage your fraud operations efficiently.

Drill down deep into your payments infrastructure

Decide whether a burst of fraudulent activities is part of a bigger picture or due to an underperforming rule.

Monitor the health and performance of your servers

Balance CPU usage and demand and ensure that delays in fraud detection are not caused by busy servers.

Monitor the health and performance of your servers

Manage multiple platforms from one screen.
Are your reviewers assigned to priority queues? Are the queues closing too slowly? Is the number of alerts increasing from any particular region?
With Prognosis you can monitor all of this and much more.

The unique network visualization given to you by Prognosis, gives you the ability to analyze suspicious activity fast and drill down deep within your infrastructure to isolate the problem and address immediately. Prognosis delivers a simple and user-friendly framework for effective fraud prevention assurance.