Prevent and Resolve Outages in your Payments Networks with IR Prognosis

If you’re in the business of managing transactions and payments, then the ability to prevent and resolve outages before they impact customers and cost you money has to be a priority.

Prognosis payments management solutions is designed to give you:

Transaction insights

Receive real-time alerts on excessive declines, slow response times or even an absence of transactions and payments; view metrics on stand-ins, approvals and declines from specific banks, and quickly identify bottlenecks and resolve problems.

ATM management

View problem ATMs by fault category, service notifications and cash availability, and view reports on ATM availability and downtimes to improve service levels; efficiently manage tickets and service calls, and set thresholds and alerts for any ATM parameter to proactively identify problems and resolve them quickly.

Wholesale management

Provide unprecedented network insight into your ACI Money Transfer System by viewing detailed data on items processing, queue monitoring and lines availability; receive alerts on currency cutoffs, approaching deadlines and customized event messages, and view a complete picture of your wholesale payments environment via a single dash board, accessible from any mobile device.

Fraud detection

Gain unrivalled insight into ACI Proactive Risk Manager by monitoring your networks, channels and IT infrastructure to avoid downtimes, receive fraud analyst statistics on queues, response times and close rates for each analyst, view the status of your CPU, memory and SQL server to quickly identify and resolve problems.

Access your entire network

Manage multiple platforms from one screen.
Are your reviewers assigned to priority queues? Are the queues closing too slowly? Is the number of alerts increasing from any particular region?
With Prognosis you can monitor all of this and much more.

Prognosis can detect problems up to 93% faster

Detecting problems faster than your current products or techniques, will reduce downtime exposure which in turn will reduce customer frustration, minimize reputation loss, ensure SLAs are not breeched, and allow faster problem resolution.

  • Problem

  • • Undetected transaction declines for 15mins

  • • 200 Transactions Per Second for a POS payment processor

  • • £420,000 worth in purchases each minute of declining transactions

  • Cost
    £6,300,000/15 min
  • Solution
  • • Prognosis detects denials faster than before in just 1 min
  • • Initiate correct action to fix the problem
  • • Up to 93% faster problem detection

  • Prognosis Saved
    £5,859,000/15 min

Prognosis performance management is designed to meet the needs of small to large financial institutions and is highly flexible and scalable, meaning that as your business grows Prognosis is with you every step of the way.

Prognosis flawlessly integrates into your existing systems and management framework and gives you unparalleled insight into your infrastructure, so you can proactively prevent and resolve outages in real time.