Leading Performance Management for Wholesale Payments with the IR Prognosis for Money Transfer System

The last few years has seen a global increase in online transactions, and millions, if not billions of dollars are transferred daily across the internet in high value wire transfers. This means that you need a transaction management solution that can efficiently monitor and manage your entire wholesale payments environment, whilst minimizing financial and operational risk and providing a solid foundation for growth.

Prognosis for Wholesale Money Transfer System

Prognosis performance management solution for payments was specifically designed to provide unprecedented insight into wholesale money transfers. It provides detailed operational insight into transactions processing, queue monitoring, exception monitoring and lines availability.

Prognosis gives you the power to achieve both a comprehensive overview of your entire payments infrastructure, as well as a deep understanding of your past, present and future capabilities. It does this by focusing on three critical areas:

Set up customized alert notifications and optimize your rules

Even the smallest threshold breach will trigger an alarm and you can investigate and fix in place, in real time.
View your entire network in real time
Monitor all wholesale payments and transactions, as well as the health of your channels and IT infrastructure. Avoid costly downtime and increase your ability to minimize risk and fraudulent activities.

Alert notifications

Customized alerts, when triggered, instantly notify you when thresholds are breached and potential problems exist, giving you the ability to instantly investigate and remedy the problem, before it spirals out of control and impacts customers.

Real time visibility

The power to drill down deep into your infrastructure and access highly-granular information giving you the unparalleled ability to locate, identify and resolve problems in real time.

Trend analysis

The ability to access historical data to uncover trends or patterns that are not initially noticeable, but if left unresolved can become a real problem. Historical data analysis gives you the power to proactively manage your entire payments infrastructure ensuring that you meet all SLAs, as well as optimize your capacity planning.